~Timmy’s Meltdown FAQs~


We frequently are asked numerous questions ….. about the business, about the business partners, the meaning of life ….. that kind of thing.   SOOOO…… being the hip/cool/technologically up-to-date kind of guys we are, we decided it would be easier to post  a FAQ page.    So here you go:


Q:  What’s with the name “Meltdown”

A:  Pretty good, huh?   Obvious when it comes to “melting grilled cheese”, etc.   But also, Timmy has been known to occasionally (VERY OCCASIONALLY) rip someone a “new one”….. but they have usually deserved it.


Q: What made you start up a mobile food business?

A:   One would think this was a very difficult and well thought out process.   BWAHHH!    Timmy couldn’t get a real job (please reference above question) so he came up with this.  And then strong armed John into joining him.   (sucker).


Q:  Why “Anarchy”?

A:  Why not?   Doesn’t seem like much else is working.


Q: Where do you get the recipes?

A: Johnny Saucepan is just damn creative.   'Nuff said.


Q:   1) Why sourdough bread and 2) can I get it on anything else?

A:   1) after extensive testing by our R&D department, we have concluded that sourdough offers the best in consistency, density, and texture.   And it tastes pretty damn good and ALMOST everybody likes it.    2)  no.    just no.


Q: Where did you get those FABULOUS playlists of GREAT music you play?

A:  We are both big music geeks from WAY BACK.   A veritable warehouse of info on rock-and-roll and music in general.   Can’t work without it.   We have (and continue to) compile music play lists spanning decades of rock, blues, reggae, and anything else we happen to like.  It makes the day go much nicer.


Q: What are the segregation of duties between Timmy and Johnny Saucepan?

A:  John creates the recipes, does the prep work, cooks the soup, and buys most of the supplies.  Timmy drives the van.


Q:  Timmy…. You seem familiar.   Where would I know you from?

A:  You may remember me from my write in campaigns to become POPE during the last two openings.  In spite of a well run campaign and swelling support, I was not chosen.  I believe there is a conspiracy.  I would bet money that a group of guys sit in a room by themselves to pick the Pope.   And they play poker and smoke cigars while chatting about it.  That would explain the smoke.


Q:  How do we find out where you will be located?

A:  We’ve been messing with this new thing called the “Internet”.   Kinda cool stuff.   So you can look for us there.  (Hmm?  Oh.  You are already here.   Ooops).    And follow us, FOLLOW US, FOLLOW USSSSSS on Facebook. And just to make it easy on you, we're including this handy button that you can check RIGHT NOW to follow us:


Q:  Can I come into the trailer to get warm on a cold day?

A:  He he he …. Sure ….. if you are brave enough, come on in.   Want some candy?


Q:  Timmy ….. why all of the political/social/cultural postings on FB?

A:  I am constantly amused by the weirdness of the universe and am seemingly a mere conduit to channel that weirdness to everyone else. And if politics isn’t weird….. what is?


Q: What are your political affiliations?

A:  John is actually quite a-political.   No real affiliation or leanings, although he is “progressive” in being open minded to ideas and issues.   Not like the Fox News definition.   Timmy considers himself a lazy-anarchist.  “I have a perverse desire to see existing economic systems come crashing down…. Just to see what would happen.   But I am NOT about to pick up a gun or throw a bomb.   That would be too much work.  Plus, I would probably drop my beer”.


Q: What’s up with the Bernie Sanders postings?

A:  1)   He has a sensibility not usually seen in politics.  2) since corporations are now PEOPLE… Meltdown is simply expressing freedom of speech.   (Thank you US Supreme Court).  3)  having met the man, I can say he is one of the most genuine, down to earth, sincere politicians I have ever met.   He doesn’t have a chance in Hell of becoming president.