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Meet the anarchists, Tim & John:


Timmy and John have been involved in  various forms of anarchy since middle school. Their first cooking gig was at a Perkins Pancake House in Port Clinton, Ohio in 1974. It looks like they’ve come full circle!


Timmy’s Meltdown was conceived on a road in the hills of Vermont in 2013. (Yeah, sounds like an Allman Bros. band song). But the story goes back much further than that. Tim Cullenen ( many times referred to as Timmy, or Terrible Tim, or other names not safe to mention in front of children) and John Whittington ( here to for referred to as “Johnny Saucepan”) have been friends since grade school. Coming of age in a small town in northern Ohio, there was not much to do but listen to music and have fun. They both began their work experience as short order cooks during high school.


Life experiences took different courses. Timmy off into the business and public sector world while John remained in the food service industry, ultimately working as a chef in such notable locations as the Hyatt on Cap Square, the Worthington Inn, and The Limited. Then he disappeared into the land of office cubicles where he languished for ten years.


Experiencing an unpleasant turn of events in employment, Timmy was pondering the existence of a higher power (“why does God cause things like tornadoes …. and train wrecks”) and began to think about mobile food vending, an exploding movement in the Columbus Ohio area.


Reluctant at first, Johnny Saucepan began to see the business opportunity presented as well as providing an outlet for his exceptional culinary creativity. Timmy just needed a job.


Ultimately, their balance of friendship, creative abilities and collaborative business skills brought forth what you see today …… high quality convenience food brought to you by “Timmy’s Meltdown: Purveyors of Fine Grilled Cheese.


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